The Therapist – A Poem by Lady Elizabeth Haslam

The Therapist

(Dr Vasilios Silivistris)

by Lady Elizabeth Haslam

Talk to me trustingly of your pain,

And what occurred to make you so unhappy again;

Was it something that happened long ago?

Remembered as a re-accruing dream you know?

Like Coleridge’s albatross lying heavily on your shoulder

Smothering everything but dark thoughts, which grow ever bolder;

Destroying humour and clarity of thought,

Guilt, suspicion and pain, to the fore, have been brought.

Tell me, when you feel you are able;

Perhaps when your world feels a little more stable.

It may take many days or only a few

Take your time; I’ll always be here for you.

After your demons we vanquish, and dark thoughts done.

You will have a release of spirit, your life could be fun.

You will experience emotional freedom, never known before

Just happy, memories you will now want to store.

I will travel with you, on your voyage to the past

However evil and ugly, I will stay with you fast.

Just hold patiently, tightly, my steady hand,

For together we will face this terrible land.

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